About us

Alessandra & Carolina Chumaceiro are two sisters from Caracas, Venezuela, lawyer and interior designer, respectively who share a passion for cooking, overall health and wellness. This special project was born during our country’s most critical and difficult situation, needless to say, that living in a country where it’s hard to thrive as entrepreneurs and creative professionals, actual hard work, and perseverance, allows you to get through the hard realities. It has been a true blessing in disguise. We will always be grateful to have each other in life, and this book was written to leave our legacy of family values, a mark for sisterhood, a story to tell, something our generations to come could be proud of. 

Cooking healthy foods has always been an important part of our lives, we are constantly developing healthy recipes that can be truly SIMPLE and tasty without having the technique of a trained cook or chef because we are not. Just taking advantage of nature’s gifts and enjoy a deliciously and beautifully executed dish without sacrificing pleasure or compromising our health. We believe that less is more, so keep it simple! What is good is for you is good for your family, your community and also the planet. This is how we eat, this is what we love!

🍚Have you tried this rice before_ This
Giving Back

We would never leave aside the fact that having access and availability for foods is an absolute blessing, even more so coming from a country that is in great deal of need. We would like to mention some local organizations we hold dear to our hearts and to whom we applaud their efforts for helping others in such despair. In Venezuela, as we speak, children and adults rummage in the trash whatever they might find to survive. So here is a way to pay our respects for those trying to make a difference with their bare hands. God bless you. Please find below the following information; you may go online, donate, raise awareness, spread the word, every way we may help counts.